PROJECT-GC.COM vytvořil sadu pěti LAB keší, které si můžete odlovit z gauče


Mezi hráči oblíbený web PROJECT-GC.COM vytvořil sadu pěti LAB keší, které si můžete zalogovat odkudkoliv na světě. Všechna hesla, která potřebujete pro zalogování těchto 5 LAB keší naleznete přímo po přihlášení na stránkách PROJECT-GC.COM na jednotlivých podstránkách.

Více o těchto netradičních LAB keškách naleznete na webu a také přímo na webu Lab keší.

Seznam LAB keší přebraný z originálního příspěvku:

  1. FAQ

Visit our FAQ at and look for a fitting entry.

  1. Support

Project-GC has various paths where you can find support if you are having issues, or are just wondering something. Most pages have a orange Support-button on them, in the top right corner. Click that button to read about the different paths you can choose if you are in need of assistance.

While you are here, you might also find the keyword you need to solve this location.

  1. Membership

Project-GC has both free and paid features available for you. Many of the paid functions are listed at our Membership page. To solve this location you need to know how much a membership costs.

You do NOT need to pay for a membership to solve this Adventure lab cache.

  1. Profile stats

One of the more popular features of Project-GC is our extended Profile stats which are automatically being updated for you.

Find the Settings that are specific for Profile stats and you will also find the related code word.

  1. Challenge checker

Something very unique with Project-GC is our Challenge checkers. We are currently the only approved partner to host Challenge checkers for HQ, and they are required for every Challenge cache published.

To find the code word for this location you need to find a Challenge cache that you fulfill. Run Challenge checkers until you find such challenge, and the code word will show itself to you. Note that it will only be visible if you fulfill the Challenge requirements.